Divorce can bring people together

When genealogists need documents not available online and too many miles away from them, they contact another professional closer to where the records are located. Today, while on a document retrieval mission, I met Patience, a lovely lady working at the Red Bluff Superior Court. I called ahead of time to clarify the search procedure. Seems each new place I explore have the different rules. Patience explained that she would have to handle the delicate books, not me. Also the divorce records were recorded by case number, not specific dates, so it may take time to find the correct records. She suggested the least busy time for my visit.

Friday, I arrived as the courthouse opened. It was quiet and conversations echoed in the near empty building. A bailiff overheard Patience and I talking about the record of a divorce from 1897. He was surprised that the records existed after 123 years. It took Patience over an hour to carefully read each line in three different books and then collect the microfiche with the complete court record. Mr. Bailiff kept me entertained, asking about genealogy.

map cardAfter I confirmed the film contained the correct information, Patience went to print copies. Mr. Bailiff returned to ask if I could look up something for him. OF COURSE!  By the time I paid for the copies and fees, these two people I just met were considering how I could help them. I need more business cards!

They came before …

Our forefathers were adventurers. Their actions affected not only themselves and immediate families, but the generations that followed. They traveled to new countries, built towns, raised families, and their lives are our history.

Lineage Societies are organizations created to honor specific historical individuals and events. There are over 200 lineage societies listed on the
Lineage Society of America. The societies originated from old world organizations, groups based on colonial and other early settlers, ethnic, geography, and common interest groups.

All lineage societies require documentation to verify a potential member’s heritage. An applicant needs birth and marriage records of each generation linking them to a person in the society. It can be time consuming and costly to obtain the proof.

To date, my work has helped clients qualify for The Mayflower Society, The Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution, National Order of the Blue and Gray, and Presidential Families.

My skills and knowledge can help you obtain information to complete the necessary applications.  

“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a book without a source, a tree without a root.  ~ Chinese proverb


Did your ancestors travel to America on the Mayflower? Visit the Mayflower Society“Membership requires proof of lineage from one of the passengers who traveled to America on this historic voyage in 1620. Through the years, the Mayflower Society has established a network of more than 150,000 descendants all over the world who form lifelong bonds, cherish the sacred memory of our ancestors and continue on their legacy through purpose, preservation, and education.”

If you are a descendant of an American President or a First lady, there are two separate lineage societies, The Hereditary Order of the Families of the Presidents and First Ladies of America“Today our growing membership is open to all persons, male or female, of the age of 18 years or older, able to prove a blood relationship to any of our Presidential or First Lady propositi of the United States or other qualifying entities.”

Also, Presidential Families“Eligibility is open to all persons, including citizens of any nation, who share interests in the purpose and objectives of PFA who prove their consanguinity to one or more of those persons who have served as Presidents of the United States of America or to the sitting President of the USA. Candidates for PFA membership shall prove either direct descent from a President or collateral descent from an ancestral line held in common with a President.”

Some of the more unique societies include the Associated Daughters of Early American Witches“A woman must be at least 16 years of age and able to prove direct lineal descent from an ancestor who was officially (by authority, government, or church) accused OR tried OR convicted/executed for the practice of witchcraft or wizardry in Colonial America prior to 31 December 1699.”

Descendants of the Illegitimate Sons & Daughters of the Kings of Britain“Membership in the Royal Bastards is open to individuals who prove descent from an illegitimate child, grandchild or great-grandchild of a king of England, Scotland, Wales, Great Britain or the United Kingdom.”

If you have ancestors who fought on both sides of the American Revolution visit, Patriots and Loyalists;  “… must furnish not only proof of direct or collateral descent from a Loyalist, but also must furnish evidence of his current membership in an organization requiring descent from an American Patriot….”

 National Order of the Blue and Gray    honors those from both sides of the civil war. “The ancestor requirements are: any person who rendered civil or military service on either side in the Civil War, including service in battle under Confederate and Federal authority; in military or naval units of the two governments, in a political role (statewide or higher), or as a physician, surgeon, chaplain, or nurse in wartime service.”

“We enjoy the best days of our lives because of the past struggles of our ancestors.   ~ Unknown