Family History Album

Most people can name immediate family and know their recent history. Details of prior generations may be unknown.

  • Are your family legends fact or fiction?
  • Is anyone in your family tree famous or infamous?
  • Where did your ancestors live before America and why did they immigrate?

A family history album can provide the answers. It starts with research of multiple generations of one person or couple.

  • Album includes a family tree (multiple generations of ancestors of one person)
  • Family group records (parents and their children)
  • Copies of records (birth, marriage, census, immigration, military, death divorce, maps **)
  • All the charts and records assembled in a custom album.  

Solo $290 

A person 1, parents 2, grandparents 4, great grandparents 8, up to 15 people total

Duet $390

A couple 2, each of their parents 4, grandparents 8, great grandparents 16, up to 30 people total  

Ensemble $590

A couple 2, each of their parents 4, grandparents 8, great grandparents 16, children of each couple on the tree up to 60 people total


lineage society logos

Lineage Societies

Organizations created  to honor specific historical individuals, heritages, or events. There are over 200 lineage societies listed on the Lineage Society of America. Applicants must prove their lineage of that heritage or event using industry approved standards. I will do the research needed to see if you qualify and help with the application. Cost based on amount of research required.


Research minimum of 3 hours $100

Some of the databases and software I use

    • Ancestry Worldwide Edition
    • Archives
    • Family Search
    • Family Tree Maker
    • Find a Grave
    • Fold 3
    • Genealogy Bank
    • Legacy
    • Library of Congress 
    • Roots Web
    • U.S. Newspapers
  • Most vital records are not yet available on the web. To complete a project, files at cemeteries, churches, libraries, schools, newspapers, and government agencies are also explored. That requires calls, letters, travel, and networking with other professional genealogists. 
    ** Some records no longer exist if ever. Despite the amount of time I spend and the variety of databases used, I can not guarantee that I will be able to find specific information for a person. Thus I do not give refunds. To start a project, please share with me as much information as you can. 

As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, I abide by apgmemberlogocolormediumAPG’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you discover who sits on the branches of your family tree.


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