Divorce can bring people together

When genealogists need documents not available online and too many miles away from them, they contact another professional closer to where the records are located. Today, while on a document retrieval mission, I met Patience, a lovely lady working at the Red Bluff Superior Court. I called ahead of time to clarify the search procedure. Seems each new place I explore have the different rules. Patience explained that she would have to handle the delicate books, not me. Also the divorce records were recorded by case number, not specific dates, so it may take time to find the correct records. She suggested the least busy time for my visit.

Friday, I arrived as the courthouse opened. It was quiet and conversations echoed in the near empty building. A bailiff overheard Patience and I talking about the record of a divorce from 1897. He was surprised that the records existed after 123 years. It took Patience over an hour to carefully read each line in three different books and then collect the microfiche with the complete court record. Mr. Bailiff kept me entertained, asking about genealogy.

map cardAfter I confirmed the film contained the correct information, Patience went to print copies. Mr. Bailiff returned to ask if I could look up something for him. OF COURSE!  By the time I paid for the copies and fees, these two people I just met were considering how I could help them. I need more business cards!

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